Materials specialist providing synthetic resin, chemical products, electronic materials, packaging materials, and diX coating

Our Products:

KISCO supports the electronics industry from the material aspect. In the electronics related market which develops in various processes, our motto is to provide materials to our customers in an accurate and rapid manner using our expertise in various fields as well as our mastery (‘know-how’) of material properties.

Customer market

Electronics related market

Main products and services

Front end semiconducting materials

Si wafer, target, polyimide varnish, dicing tape, back grind tape, wafer box

Semiconducting post process materials (assembly)

Fluorescent substance, quantum dot, lead frame, bonding wire, sealing material (liquid form/MC), die attach paste, under filling, flexible circuit board, metal base circuit board, adhesive for fixing parts, UV curable adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, various packing material (laminate: aluminum deposition, aluminum, nylon), injection tray, vacuumed tray, desiccant, carrier tape, reel, cover tape, magazine, etc.), heatproof PPS cabinet.


Adhesive, grease, forming lid, radiation coating material, heat dissipation coating material, fluorine coating material, radiation sheet, radiation grease

Solar cell, secondary battery

Polyimide film, electrode target, back sheet, EVA sheet, quantum dot, CIGS Nanoparticle, current collecting foil, active material, binder, separator, electrolytic solution, lithium foil

Display touch panel

Liquid crystal, oriented film, spacer, sealing compound, polarizing plate, diffusion board, low molecular EL material, COG/FOG mounting device, touch panel raw materials

Equipment and raw materials for packing material

Packing material (aluminum laminated bag, carrier tape, chip tray), die bonder, x-ray inspection apparatus, dispenser, electrostatic countermeasure device (ESD))

List of products by category/field

Electronic materials

We offer a wide range of electronic materials and provide advice to our customers regarding materials for energy saving devices.

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Modified epoxy resin “EpiFine”

"EpiFine” is a modified epoxy resin which is blended to perform at maximum electrical, mechanical, chemical and adhesiveness.

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In addition to display devices, we provide supplementary raw materials as well as other related apparatus and devices.

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We engage in the forming of silicone products for medical instruments, elastomers and other various parts in assembly processing.

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Semiconductor material

We provide general semiconductor materials to semiconductor devices, as well as customized development and general-purpose products through our global networks.

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Liquid chemical for semiconductor manufacturing process (cleaning liquid) “EcoPeeler”

Our “EcoPeeler” product is a new “environmentally-friendly” semiconductor cleaning liquid.

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Supercritical fluid technology

We carry out a research on technology adopting supercritical fluid technology.

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Recording medium

We provide a service of automatic CD-R and DVD-R writing, along with an original label printing system “MICAR”.

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Our mission is to conduct comprehensive business that covers the full process (from upstream to downstream stages). As a trading company with diverse capabilities and with the collaboration of the manufacturing department of group companies, we can deliver raw materials to chemical manufacturing companies, supply finished chemical products and semi-processed products to secondary manufacturers, as well as take custom orders for compounds and also engage in the actual sales of finished products.We supply imports of natural substances/ingredients, and handle the related processing for beverage and food manufacturers, as well as to suppliers of raw ingredients in the food and beverage industry. In recent years, we have been actively involved in new developments in the biotechnology field.

Customer market

Diversified chemistry, petrochemistry, coating, ink, adhesive, colored resin, electrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, flavoring agent, cosmetics, beverage, food ingredient, medical equipment, hygiene material

Main products

Main products and services Usage
Adhesives Sales of raw material:
  • Acrylate ester,
  • polymerization initiator,
  • curing agent,
  • etc.

Sales of adhesives:
  • UV adhesive,
  • acrylic adhesive,
  • rubber-based adhesive,
  • etc.
Building material use (wall paper, etc.)
Coating Silicone, melamine, epoxy resin, acrylic urethane beads, etc.
  • Automotive use (exterior, etc.)
  • Building material use (wall paper, etc.)
  • Electronic (game console)
Ink Carbon black, high quality alcohol, nitrocellulose, etc. Printing ink, etc.
Resin and coloring Sales of raw material: Acrylate ester, polymerization initiator, curing agent, etc.
Sales of adhesives: UV adhesive, acrylic adhesive, rubber-based adhesive, etc.
Resin coloring usage
Basic chemical products Acrylic ester, formalin, butanol, fatty acids ester, acetylene black, metal Mg, etc.

Toner binder resin, coating resin

  • Food additives
  • Crosslinking agent for coating
Food ingredients Sesame peptide (raw material), Isomerized sugar, Functional saccharides, etc.
  • Beverage and food ingredients
  • Sweets ingredient
  • Health food raw ingredient
Natural substance/ingredient Vegetable oil process material, extract such as yeast, by-product of other natural goods Food ingredient and its processing materials (extract, hydrolysis, fermentation, etc.)
Pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical field Various ingredient/intermediate Pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical
Electrochemical Organic compound, styrene monomer, nanofiller, etc. Liquid crystal material, organic EL (Electroluminescence) material, resist material, battery material

List of products by category/field

Custom processing services

We suggest the best choice/path tailored to requests regarding the process method and conditions, as well as yield and purity of specified substances based on our past experience and knowledge in the field.

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Adhesive ingredient

We provide a supply chain tailored to specific requests, including supplying raw material from both domestic and overseas suppliers, and recommending processing companies for polymerization, adhesive coating, and slitting.

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Coating/Ink/Resin coloring raw material

We provide raw materials of various coating resin (monomer, oligomer, polymer, etc.), functional additives (initiator, curing agent, silicone, etc.) and organic and inorganic pigments.

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Fine chemicals

With our suppliers in China, India, United States, Europe and other locations, we can collaborate with qualified chemical specialists in the field of organic compounds (such as electronic materials and medical/agricultural chemicals), and also with affiliated organizations, group companies and other partners to provide a wide range of planning and business proposals.

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Materials of natural origin

We provide a stable (distribution and quality) supply of materials of natural origin such as vegetable oil and protein through our global network.

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Biochemical related development

As a leading specialist in the field of material, we support start-up companies, and university-industry collaboration research themes.

  • Development support from distribution to production
  • Cooperation of sales through domestic and global network
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We are a specialized chemical trading company. Our knowledge and information gathered over the years enable us to suggest the best materials for you and provide you with leading processing technology and molded products. We can cooperate with our group companies to extensively handle materials such as compound, ancillary equipment, molds, and molded products. Our mission is to become “a solution provider of resin and rubber, from material supply to product development.”

Customer market

Housing and building materials, resin for automotive interior, daily goods, and others

Main products and services

Products: Synthetic resin, synthetic rubber, engineering plastic, rubber chemical, resin additive, resin compound, resin molded products, and others
Service: Import and export of various raw materials, development and commissioned processing of compound, and others

List of products by category/field


Molded products

We supply molded products such as injection molded products, extrusion molded products, and injection blow molded products.

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Resin compound “KISLOY”

KISLOY is a compound material that meets your needs and applications, and it is a general term indicating the original compound of KISCO. We make proper suggestions according to various molding methods and characteristics. In addition, we promise to solve problems to achieve the features and functions that the final molded products require. The product range includes various compounds such as coloring, filler-contained, soft, and advanced.

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Ancillary equipment for molding

KISCO handles various distinctive ancillary equipments for molding like injection molding machine. Our product lineup is extensive and various offerings are available to meet quality improvement and practical requirements or customers. We provide you with our best suggestions to meet your needs.

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Hot runner system

We supply hot runner and molds as well as ancillary equipments made by SEIKI Corporation (*), one of the industry leaders in Japan.All of our products are prepared with the world’s best production technology and pass our strict quality management process. Please take a look at our extensive product lineup.Our products are supplied in 20 countries. We support various development issues and solve any manufacturing problems related with injection molded products.We also offer a full-scale after-sales support service.* Explanation (SEIKI Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of KISCO.)

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Composite material “KISCOM”

The CM team systematically undertakes the complete process starting with the development of composite material to the manufacturing of molded products.By mixing metals and inorganic material into plastic, certain product characteristics that were not possible the conventional raw material can be achieved.In addition to replacing metal parts such as high-intensity and high specific gravity products, usage in various applications such as antifouling, antibacterial, and heat radiation are possible.Flow analysis and strength analysis are performed from the design stage to strongly support your product development.

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Wire material and optical communication equipment for commercial products

We supply raw materials and secondary materials for manufacturing wires. We also supply optical transmission equipment and network equipment for digital signage and monitoring systems.

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diX®is high-purity parylene distributed by KISCO group. diX® is high-purity parylene distributed by KISCO group. Parylene supplied by KISCO is typically manufactured by our partner company, Daisan Kasei Col., Ltd. Branded as diX®, the high-purity, high-quality parylene of KISCO group is manufactured using various technology of chemical makers, and is highly rated by customers.

KISCO group provides coating service on a global scale to increase the value of your products by adding features such as waterproofing, insulation and biological safety concerns. We provide troubleshooting support for our customers, from small-scale trials to mass production.

Do you have concerns with any of the following?

Experience diX coatings!

* Research results regarding the world’s thinnest electronic circuit (research led by Professor Takao Someya, Tokyo University) using diX-SR was covered in the British academic journal Nature (July 25, 2013 issue).

Customer market

diX coating features include highly reliable electric insulation, moisture prevention, corrosion control, waterproofing, gas barriers, chemical resistance, heat resistance, tribological property, and weather resistance. With these features, our technology is used in a wide range of applications from cutting-edge industries (such as medical equipment, electronic components, automotive parts, aviation/aerospace components) to general use.

diX coating features

dix coating

It is very difficult to apply coatings evenly to uneven surfaces when using liquid coatings. In particular, when the waterproof liquid coatings are used for electronic circuit boards that have mounted electronic components, the coating is not able to cover the small gaps and pinholes develop. At the same time, coating around the uneven areas is suspect to leakage.

diX coating

liquid coating

Global network

In order to service your manufacturing sites and meet your needs, we offer our services globally at ten locations around the world, including in China, South America, and the ASEAN region.

diX coating examples


LED boards, electronic circuit boards, small electronic components, magnets

Parylene resists deterioration and coats conformally. When it covers all surfaces of an adherend, it defends and protects against penetration of oxygen and moisture which cause rust and deterioration.


Electronic circuit boards, small electronic components, magnets

Parylene resists deterioration and coats conformally. When it covers all surfaces of an adherend, it defends and protects against penetration of oxygen and moisture which cause rust and deterioration.


Smartphone peripheral devices, vehicle sensors, marine equipment

Coatings are chemically stable and have a strong resistance to most chemicals such acids, alkalines, and organic solvents. They are therefore able to protect products used in special environments.

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Catheters, pacemaker components, stents, etc.

The chemical stability makes it suitable for use in living beings. It is used in medical devices implanted in the body, and in disposable devices that are used in procedures and treatments. Registered with FDA.


Rubber products (silicon, butadiene, etc.)

diX coating stops added plasticizers from bleeding out of rubbers and because it also adheres to rubbers, it can provide lubrication and improve the tactile feel, without damaging the rubbers’ natural elasticity.

Compliance with standards

diX coating complies with the high requirements of various standards.

Compliance with environmentally hazardous substances

diX coating films do not include any environmentally hazardous substances restricted in the RoHs directive. In addition, environmentally friendly non-halogen types are also available.